Friday, June 24, 2011

But who will we pick on now?

Say what evil you will about Paul Helmke, we must also praise his virtues. He has been tirelessly self-promoting, ubiquitously visible, and a wonderfully available punching bag. His talking points - I'd never dignify them with "arguments" - don't have to be refuted with logic since you can simply hold them up to reality to show them for the gossamer-flimsy things they are. And shameless? It didn't matter that he stood on the prow of the Titanic, arms wide, shouting "Forget the iceberg, fear the guns!" for year after year and never got the slightest bit hoarse. The sight of another microphone was an instant restorative. What a guy.

I'm gonna miss him.
Hope the next one is at least half as fun.

Although this was a bit jarring:
Helmke has not said yet what his future plans are, but indicates he will remain in public service.
Did he ever do anything of actual service, and I missed it?

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