Monday, June 13, 2011

A failure to communicate...But he meant well.

So this morning both boys went galloping off into the boonies, in chase of who knows what. I determined not to worry about it, since I'm trying to relax about such things and there's now nobody around for them to pester. After a decent interval Ghost came back, which pleased me because separately they (almost) never get into trouble. Time passed - no Little Bear. Well, he's probably eating a rabbit or something, an activity for which he always prefers privacy.

More time passed. No Little Bear. I called him to treats - no answer. Even more time passed. Now I was getting a bit perturbed, because I had really wanted an early start and couldn't go till the boys were safe in Gitmo. It was already too late for an early start, and if I lost any more time I was gonna have to call GC Guy. I hate that.

I stood in the quiet, wondering where the hell LB had got himself, and heard a dog's quiet panting. Looked around, and there was a large black form in the shadow of the powerhouse. Inside Gitmo. My missing Little Bear was sitting in the enclosure, placidly waiting for his treat. He hadn't bothered to check in and let me know he was back.

Sigh. I called LB with a promise of a treat, and that always means "go to Gitmo." So he did. And he sat there for twenty minutes or so, not making a peep, while I fumed and watched for him to come home.

I dunno why I call him stupid. He got a really nice treat.


Anonymous said...

that's pretty good. They will fool you just when you think you have everything figured out.

MamaLiberty said...

Oh me...

But was he merely being patient... or was he snickering. LOL