Monday, June 20, 2011

LB's goin' to see the doc.

I've wondered for some time what I was gonna spend all that saved-up money on. A custom Lamborghini 4X4? Designer dope? Three cases of Jack Daniels, or possibly (let's really go crazy) one box of .44 Special?


LB's been having problems with his left front paw for quite some time. Problem was that it was so damned intermittent: I can't take him seriously when he's hopping on three legs one minute and then blasting off like a rocket-propelled dog the next. For a while I kidded myself that he was just having incredibly bad luck with tumbleweed thorns. The boys hate tumbleweed thorns. But then it got acute. It comes and goes in severity, but the problem is pretty clearly settling in to stay.

I dunno what's wrong with the paw. I can't see or feel anything wrong with it, but it's all he can do to remain politely non-violent while I'm messing with it. He's a big boy, and I can believe that he broke a bone in there jumping around, and now it can't heal. Best case is it's a piece of a cactus thorn that won't fester: Step the wrong way and it jabs you. But there's no point throwing money at any of the local vets because "I don't know what's wrong, here's some antibiotics, stop at the desk to pay your bill" just won't get it. He's young and active and very heavy, and he needs all four paws, and if I'm gonna spend money on him I need a real vet. So tomorrow we're going for an unusually long Jeep ride. Wish him luck.


Claire said...

Poor baby LB! I hope one of the good vets from far away can diagnose and treat the problem. He's a good boy and you're a good daddy for hauling him to the vet when that's a precarious proposition for you.

Matt said...

Luck! I am pretty sure I have put at least one of the Vet's kids through college and provided the down payment on the new wing of the clinic. Worth the cost to heal our friends.

LJH said...

Poor sweet dogness. I hate when they hurt and you can't figure out why. Good luck and let us know, 'K?

KurtP said...

Keep a stiff ummm upper nose there LB!

MamaLiberty said...

What a shame your local vets have lost your trust! We have the best vet ever here. Hope everything turns out well and it won't cost you a whole lot.

Claire said...

I know Joel's local vet and believe Joel when he says that vet shouldn't happen to a dog. Yikes, the stories we could tell.

I'm also blessed in my new home with an excellent vet. But Joel's wise, and loving, to make a long trip for Little Bear.

Joel, I hope they figured out the problem and that LB will soon be on the mend.