Friday, June 17, 2011

"No Knock Raid" - an unbelievably depressing video

NSFW - or anywhere else.

The footage all comes from the "good guys," so I assume these are all perfectly righteous killings in full compliance with departmental policy. It's all good, citizens. Move along, nothing to see here. Until it's you.

H/T to Unc, who has ruined my morning.


The Grey Lady said...

Yup I (everybody and their freedom loving dog apparently) have posed this..and yes I am sure they were all righteous kills. No papramilitary policemen were harmed during the making of this video.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

Yeah, me too, Joel.

Anyone want to wager that we'll soon be sanctimoniously reminded that Guerena's was not, technically, a "no-knock" raid? See, that's important.

And yeah, I'm sure that dog was "comin' right for us." You know, "furtive movement" and all.

Notwithstanding that SoPark actually does a good job at lampooning everyone, watching the above segment again reminded me of how odd it is, that so many of the victim-disarmers' paranoia fantasies of projection (people-who-want-guns-are-power-mad-jerks, more-dangerous-than helpful, careless, rude-and-bossy, only-used-to-hurt-people, used-too-casually, create-an-atmosphere-of-fear-and-intimidation, etc.) actually start to make a lot of sense, if you're thinking about cops and not regular people in the role of "gun owner".