Monday, August 29, 2011

QoD: "A Good Crisis Gone to Waste" Edition

He looked crestfallen and fell briefly silent when a weatherwoman told him that the rain was not going to get any worse. “Wow, because this isn’t so bad,” he said. “It’s an annoying rain but it isn’t even a sideways rain.”
- Toby Harnden, Perfect Storm of Hype

Seems it wasn't much of a storm, leaving talking heads unfulfilled and Bloomberg with much egg on his face. Yes there was death and destruction, and I really do try not to make fun of people who just died in horrific ways. But Irene is going to have the Darwin Award judges working overtime. How exactly do you drown in an automobile when Teddy Kennedy isn't at the wheel, and even in the absence of a big bridge? I'm guessing several consecutive mistakes, leading to a cascading state of oh shit.

Okay, I spent a good deal of my childhood in hurricane country and shouldn't laugh at the cluelessness of people who've never seen one. But ... I'm not a perfect person. Crushed in a tent? Whatinhell were you doing in a tent?

Here's a line-up of the known damage by state, if you care. Mordor-by-the-Potomac is still there, which is the only thing I really wanted to check on.

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