Saturday, October 29, 2011

It works. Oh, it works. Everything about it works...

There are advantages and disadvantages to testing a gas appliance outdoors. After nearly incinerating myself, my RV and my dogs (the cat would have escaped) earlier this month, I was understandably reluctant to install this old stove in my highly flammable new Lair until I was quite confident there would be no ... incidents. Yesterday I confirmed that the cooktop works just fine, but I put off testing the oven. Confined spaces, propane and flame still make me skittish.

But this morning I had to do the deed. And as far as I could tell I could not get the oven pilot to light. Actually took a few minutes before it occurred to me that with the sun shining directly into the oven it might be a little hard to tell. You'll be happy to know I resisted the temptation to check it by feel, but I did tear a page from my notebook and stick it in there. And the paper caught fire quite nicely, which meant it was time to stand back, turn this little dial right here...

Flame! Silent, almost invisible in the light, beautifully devoid of drama. I've got an oven again. Now I've just got to drag it to the Lair, drill a hole in the floor for the gas line, slide it into place, and we're in business.

Today I'm cutting the shelves for Click's cat ladder. She's gonna like it there: with the kitchen cabinet top almost exactly in line with the loft, it'll be like having her very own jungle gym.

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Guffaw in AZ said...

I LOVE gas cooking! Sadly, not oven isn't firing, probably and age/control thing.
At least I can still fry and grill and such!