Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How do you really feel, lady?

Wait for it.


Carl-Bear said...

I read a report that she thought she was just doing an off camera voice over, and that the bird was for a studio tech who was trying to mess with her. I was willing to believe that. Until I saw this vid.

Awfully big balls for such a slim little lady. I like her.

Woody said...

The video has been taken down. Can you provide a summary?

Carl-Bear said...

Limonova is reading a report about APEC, glancing down at her script occasionally). When she she mentions Obama, she matter-of-factly raises her hand and flips the bird, then continues.

The still shots I've seen show her looking downwards as she flips it, which sort of supported the contention that she thought she was off camera. But the video makes it clear that she knew she was on camera, since (except for glances downward) she was looking right into the lens. Ballsy.

I saw a report this morning that she's been fired. Too bad; that beat the heck out of, "You lie!" I don't know her politics, but I still like her.

Joel said...

Ah, hell. Wonder if I could find it someplace else? I got a kick out of it.