Monday, November 14, 2011

"I keep hitting you with this bat, and all you do is lay there and bleed!"

"You're so lazy!"
HONOLULU - President Obama said that the United States has gotten a "little bit lazy" when it comes to bringing in new businesses in to the states. He made the comments at a CEO summit as part of the APEC conference Saturday, when asked by Boeing CEO James McNerney about looking at the world from a Chinese perspective and what they might consider as impediments to investing.
I'm no Silver, but I do see one problem right there - Why is a lack of foreign investment the problem? Where'd all the American money go? Don't bother answering that...

Of course this is the head of the government speaking, so it can't be anything his organization is doing. And I must imagine that he actually believes it, because would anybody on earth have the sheer gall to stand in front of a bunch of CEOs and say that if he didn't believe it?

Naturally, he has a plan. More government will fix it!
He then went on to say things his administration has done like setting up Select USA that organizes government agencies in an attempt to make it easier for foreign investors to set up a plant in the U.S.
Yes! That's what this situation needs. Another government program.

Sigh. I'm gonna go build an unlicensed fence now.

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Anonymous said...

Just eat your Steak, Arugula while educating your palates (according to the other half of the "reality doesn't affect us" team in Hawaii yesterday).

Get off your lazy behind and "Just Do It". Play an Hour a Day. Eat your peas.

Then, and only then, go fix your cistern for the sake of the children.