Monday, November 28, 2011

This is a genuine disappointment.

Ol' Embarrassing Barney isn't going to stay in Congress.

But who will we find to laugh at now?  Seriously, it's like an era is ending.  First Teddy dies, and now this!

UPDATE:  Whew.  On further reading, it seems this will make Maxine Waters the ranking democrat on the banking committee.  So hilarity should continue to ensue.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, come now Joel; Taxechussetts will surely provide yet another buffoon to guffaw at 'til we puke. They haven't failed us yet.
Maxine Waters. God. I met her at a league of cities meeting once when she was but a lowly L.A. City Councilhag. Had to sit at a table and listen to her warble about how awful white people are. Lovely woman. Just lovely.
Got a mouth like a dead grouper fish.