Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Back in the saddle again!

Woke this morning to a couple of problems that were going to have me illegally driving right through town in broad daylight, something I avoid, because I had two physical needs that could no longer be put off. I needed my chainsaw chains in the worst way, and the battery in the Jeep is dying so fast that every time I start the engine might be the last.

It dawned very cold this morning, as predicted, and so I hung around the cabin until late before going shit-shoveling. Intended to head to town right after that. Mentioned my situation to J, who told me H was going in and I should tag along with her.

Now, I don't normally ask to bum rides from H, because she really doesn't enjoy that and I don't go where I'm not welcome. But she cheerfully agreed to help me out, even to the extent of hanging around when it turned out Mike at the saw shop didn't have my chains done as promised. While we were waiting I went to the auto parts store and bought a heart-breakingly expensive battery, which hopefully will last longer than the second-hand battery I got last time. Now the battery's charged, I'm ready to cut the firewood I've got stacked at the lair tomorrow, and I've gone from being a mildly worried man to one without a problem in the world.

Always wise to keep good relations with the neighbors.

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Anonymous said...

I have twice used my house to jump start my car. 12v rules!