Sunday, December 4, 2011

Cold, with a side order of colder.

The nasty weather hasn't really been all that nasty so far, but the weather forecast remains adamant that it's gonna go out with a memorable bang. So far nighttime temps are mid-twenties, but Monday night it's still supposed to head for single digits. Two new days of cloudy skies have been added by the gloomy forecasters, and it just generally looks like the weather will suck massively until around Thursday. Which is okay with me, because I'm very much enjoying the still-new sensation of sitting in a comfy chair and wearing sandals and a single sweatshirt in front of a cheerily-popping fire while wintergeddon is going on two glass-thicknesses away. The past five winters, by now I'm wearing five layers and desperately trying to get feeling into my fingers before they fall right the hell off. This is a big improvement.

In fact the only problem I've got, and it's not a huge one, is the matter of firewood. There's lots of wood hauled to the Lair but it's not cut to length. I've got three ways to do it, because redundancy is good, but two of them suck and the third is not currently available. I've got to sneak into town during the day to pick up my chainsaw chains, which are currently in the shop, and then I'll be golden. Mustn't put it off till I'm out of firewood.


Anonymous said...

I remember an earlier comment about your need to skirt the lair. If you are dropping into the single digits you might try using bales of hay to skirt the lair until the end of the current cold weather.

Stay warm!

Claire said...

And hm ... if memory serves, there are some bales of straw that just happen to be sitting around the property. Good idea.

KurtP said...

They make round files and chainsaw gauges that don't really cost all that much- just for emergency use.