Monday, December 19, 2011

Well, maybe tomorrow...

Since moving to the Lair, this "using the internet" thing has gotten to be kind of a hassle. I've got a (second) appointment with the installer who's supposed to move all the gadgetry to the Lair tomorrow, but he cancelled last time due to weather less unpleasant than tomorrow's is likely to be so I'm not holding my breath.

Sorry for the light posting, but it's just kind of a drag right now.

I'm on the way to solving the Lair's electricity woes, though. Had breakfast with my weekender neighbors S&L yesterday morning, and in return for past and future services rendered they turned over a spare 225-watt solar panel that all by itself outclasses the six old salvaged panels I've been using. I'm going to use the racking M scrounged for me and mount it on the roof so it gets more winter sun (it turns out that ground level isn't a good location when you built at the foot of a couple of converging ridges: This close to the solstice they're only getting a few hours' direct sun on sunny days, which is not every day. Live and learn.) Also before I can use the new panel at all I need a new charge controller, also before there's any point I need some new batteries, also before I get new batteries I need to build them a shelter. So there's work to do on that front. But it's nice to have the panel even if I can't use it right now. I'm kind of a magpie that way.

Anyway, I'll get all this straightened out as quickly as I can. For the past few weeks I've just been hanging around and enjoying the comfort of living in a cabin, not really doing any work at all that didn't involve firewood. But now I'm getting more interested in getting it back in gear.


MamaLiberty said...

Congratulations! Hard as it is to have one thing lead to another this way, I know you'll come out in great shape eventually.

Did LB ever get his nose out of the cat door? I laughed so hard with that picture because my big Akita used to do that and the cat would be furious because he couldn't get in or out. I finally had to get a bigger door so the dog could go out - which is what she really wanted.

Bustednuckles said...

Merry Christmas to you dude.

One step at a time, as long as you aren't starving or freezing, it's all gonna get better.


Joel said...

LB has demonstrated the capability to put his entire head through the cat door, which he finds much easier than removing it again. This can make opening the door a bit problematic. Both I and Click have talked with him about this, and we both still hope for change.

Not a LOT of hope, but still...