Thursday, December 8, 2011

When Seniors Explode?

Okay, nothings going on in my life worth talking about (I cut some wood! I flushed my toilet! Yeah, you've got all that) and nothing seems to be going on in the world worth linking to. I'm going back to my (cooler than yours) cabin.

But check this out, courtesy of Claire. It's short and funny and should make TSA people want to hang themselves in embarrassment. But they won't. Because they hate us and think we suck.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

You think your cabin is cooler than my hut? Really? I guarantee my hut is hotter than your cabin. Guarantee.
Oh sure, my hut lacks the presence of an indignant cat.
There's no hounds patrolling a bowl.
No AK hanging from the wall. But I have caucasian hating rebels within shooting distance and a really awesome hammock. Ok, that last part isn't true. The hammock is at the foot of my bed here in the PRK right next to our resident suitably aloof cat. But it WILL be there soon.
Just you wait.