Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And yet, they defend it...

Hey, remember the TSA cupcake kerfuffle from a few weeks ago? No, of course you don't - there've probably been a thousand real outrages since then.

Yeah, but you cynical TSA-bashers should all be ashamed of yourselves. Ashamed, I say! Now that they've explained it, it's all so simple!

Just shut up, remove your shoes, belt, clothing, cupcakes and integument, drop them in the bin, and step through the Magic Irradiation Device.
This is done purely for the safety of everyone traveling.

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Anonymous said...

I shit you not. I just spent 10 hours in Philippine airports. My wife, the international terrorist, had several small bottles of marinated mushrooms her cousin foist upon us confiscated at the Iloilo Airport by security personnel. I on the other hand boarded a flight with a camelbak containing...... brace yourself......dihydrogen monoxide! Gasp. Apparently the Asian terrorists are focusing on fungus in vinegar an are NOT, I'll repeat...NOT afraid of water. Maybe the TSA has rabies?

They did search my checked bag, however. I had a prickly time explaining my blackjack wasn't a sex toy(seriously frowned upon here). The sex toys, not the leather and lead arrangement used to cave in skulls. Those are OK.