Friday, January 13, 2012

Did you ever notice...

...that when somebody describes himself as a "law-abiding citizen" there's always this tone of pride? I'd go so far as to call it smug. You can hear the "I don't have anything to hide, so I don't have anything to fear" subtext.

Yeah. How'd that work out for you, Mark?
On December 15, 2011 at approximately 5:15 a.m., I was at LaGuardia International airport preparing to check in for a flight out of the city. During a routine check-in, I requested a firearms declaration form from the ticket agent. It was my intent to declare and check my unloaded firearm.

I purchased this firearm legally, and I have a valid concealed carry permit for it issued in California. The unloaded gun was locked inside a TSA-approved travel case, and the case was locked inside my checked luggage. I carry the firearm for my personal safety, having received numerous threats due to my role in the Tea Party Patriots. I have checked this firearm at airports dozens of times before, all across the country.

As I traveled through LaGuardia that morning, I passed TSA signs telling me I had the right to check this unloaded firearm in my luggage, and that I am required by law to declare the firearm to the ticketing agent. This is exactly what I did.
Aaaand that's when he learned what handcuffs feel like.

And I know I should be more sympathetic. No, he didn't do anything wrong. Yes, he was abused. In addition to the time, expense, humiliation and fear, he probably lost a nice handgun. I don't know anything about him, but can't quite picture him tooling around the country with a Hi-Point. Don't write and tell me I should be more sympathetic, because I know that.

But at LaGuardia? in NYC? Seriously? You walked up to a counter and announced "I have a gun?"


Mark, welcome to America. Where've you been all this time?


MamaLiberty said...

Getting to be a regular epidemic of this. Damned fools.

But then, I only "abide" certain "laws," and I'm sure no "citizen" of anything or anywhere. A citizen is owned by that to which he/she belongs.

I love my country, but I belong to myself.

Anonymous said...

No, not welcome to America, but rather welcome to the State of New York!

Where you must have a permit to OWN a handgun, and carry privileges are up to the discretion of the local Commissar.

Handguns are permitted only to persons who have a permit and MUST be listed on said permit. Get caught with a handgun not listed you get the bracelets.

If you for some reason decide to move to NY you cannot bring your handguns with you!!! You must apply for a permit and have them shipped to an FFL to be listed on your license after you obtain the permit.

Not just NYC but NY State.

Do not take a handgun to NY, unless you enjoy being abused.

Anonymous said...

Y'know.....(and I KNOW this will provoke massive guffaws)....

According to the Volkmer-McClure act of 1986, this arrest of his is prohibited in federal law. One of the provisions (if I recall correctly) stated specifically that if the fire arm was legal at the location of the start of a trip, and is legal at the destination.....AND is carried in a locked container separate from any ammunition, and unloaded.......that you are allowed to travel through a state where the firearm is long as the firearm is always locked in its case........

I have read of others getting nailed at NY airports for doing their 'legal' duty as well...

I fly with guns fairly often, but I gotta tell ya....I would NEVER route through there...avoid NYC as the plague. Anything in Commifornia, too.


Anonymous said...

Eh, California is getting better. I have checked firearms dozens of times in California. I keep a veritable arsenal with me of late and there legally isn't much the Man can do about it. New York or New Jersey... fuggedaboutit. NYC is notorious for this. There is even a law on their own books that as long as someone is just passing through with a firearm they are OK. So long as their final destination with that arm is not NY.
They violate this, their own statute, frequently. I have always loved the East Coast for it scenery. I hate it for it's nannyism.


Tam said...

See, these are the people we want on our side.

Incorrigibles with Oppositional-Defiant Disorder are always up for a revolution, but as long as Joe Everyman doesn't feel the chains of the .gov, he's happy where he is.

So Uncle Government is doing its level best to chase this guy into your arms, and you want to mock him and run him off?

(PS: Actually, though, a Tea Party affiliated lawyer? Sorry, but this has "deliberate setup for a legal challenge" written all over it. I'll eat my hat if he didn't know exactly what he was walking into.)