Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Gad, I'm a moron...

Two days a week I go shit-shoveling. And when the weather's cool I COULD take the boys with me, but they have to stay in the Jeep because they're not civilized around horses - and H's horses would feel no obligation to be civilized around them. Alas, leave Little Bear in the Jeep for too long and he gets bored. And he chews things. Like the Jeep. Important parts, like the gear shift knob, which doesn't work so well without that button that lets you take it out of Park.

So, when I go shit-shoveling I still take the boys to Gitmo. They don't like it, but they don't give me any problem about it. They do like treats, and they always get one. This morning I dropped them off, went to J&H's, and didn't think a thing about it.

When I was done, I needed to stop at the Lair to pick up the trailer. I figured I'd just step in and check my email before the sun got too low and I had to make a choice between the 'pooter and the lights.

I wasn't inside five minutes when I heard something heavy hit the front stairs. Ghost started whining to get in. He wanted the water bowl real bad.

At last, I thought. He finally dug his way out. He's never done it before, but there's a first time for everything.


I got in a big rush to get my ass back to Gitmo. Grabbed my hat, headed out to the Jeep ... and there was LB, in the back of the Jeep whose door I'd helpfully left open.

It suddenly occurred to me that I'd forgotten a crucial step in the "drop the boys off at Gitmo" procedure. Sunday morning M and I moved LL's generator out of Gitmo to his dome. I forgot to check to see if the back gate was closed.

It wasn't.

So the boys had themselves a nice cavort while I was working, and when they heard the Jeep headed for the Lair they just followed me home. And now they're happy. And I feel stupid.


gooch said...

Boy! It's a good thing you're only telling me and one or two others here on your blog. [available from anywhere on the entire interweb]

I am convinced that dogs and cats have only let us fur less bipeds survive this long because we have a certain "magic" they find useful.
[can openers and refrigerators to name but a couple.]
It may just be that opposed thumbs thing. {shrug} Who knows?

MamaLiberty said...

Reminds me of the evening I brought home a load of calves and got them all settled in the pen, then carefully closed the walk gate and went in the house. About midnight, a neighbor down the road called to see if I had any calves missing.

Went out to look and, sure enough, the walk gate was closed... but the DRIVE gate was still standing wide open.

Took us hours to round up the little buggers as they were not yet trained to come to a pan of grain. Luckily, we did find them all.