Sunday, January 22, 2012


Okay, first my standard disclaimer: I'm sure that Ron Paul is a very fine fellow, for a politician. If held on my knees with an RPG to my head and forced to cast a vote, I'd vote for Ron Paul without hesitation.

If that sounds like I'm saying I'd prefer to be infested with mosquitoes than with ringworm, you caught me. To me, a parasite is a parasite but some are worse than others. Ron Paul is clearly not as bad as politicians come. I'm even not entirely displeased with Paul's surprising prominence in the primaries. I've been wrong before. I was wrong about the inevitable triumph of "gun control," and I could be wrong about the unstoppable downward trajectory of freedom in this country - though I've seen little evidence of it so far. I could be wrong about the effect of a Ron Paul presidency. Maybe it would be a good thing.

But For God's Sake!
Then I remind myself that my grandchildren won't know who Gingrich was. Or Romney, Santorum, or most other flash-in-the-pan men and women who for the lust of power thought themselves a centerpiece of history, only to be relegated to the dustbins of history only weeks, months, or maybe even a few years later. But when the name Ron Paul is mentioned to my grandchildren, a smile will creep across their faces, and they will recall, and speak with excited tones about a time where an idea was born, a message was spread, and a revolution took hold that shook the world. That's the time I'm living in right now. I will treasure every moment. Thanks for all you do."

This would embarrass me, if I were him. It's not "Yes, Virginia, There is a Ron Paul," but it is pretty lame.

Surely there must be some golden mean, in which a person can be credulous enough to still have faith in the political process, without going completely moonbat in the veneration of an individual.

I keep telling myself that. Still waiting for the evidence.


Brass said...

But don't you see, Ron Paul is the REAL "The One!" Hope and change! Unicorns and Skittles and romance and ponies!

The best part of that is the title: "Ron Paul SHAKES THE WORLD."

I'm glad he's been a vehicle for libertarian thought (though he's a Constitutionalist.) It's a great thing. But seriously, this idolization is way out of line with reality.

Tam said...

Assuming arguendo that they're going to park somebody behind the desk at 1600 Penna for the next few years, I suppose we could do worse than Mr. Paul, but...


Borepatch said...

I wonder if it really was Lew Rockwell that wrote those racist newsletters. Something has to be causing Paul to cover for it. Quotes like this make we go "Hmmmm ..."

DonkeyBuster said...

I saw a moon rat once in Borneo. It was stuffed & dead & behind glass.

Seems like a good career move for the moon bats. May they all get white nose syndrome. To counter the brown nosing.


Anonymous said...

I would rather it be Ron Paul than any of the other....errrr...... choices(?), but that was just kinda creepy.


Pat H. said...

I'm a South Carolina Ron Paul supporter, and voter, lot of good that it did.

However, I've explained to all that I did not expect Ron Paul to turn around the US government to the point of lawfulness, nor to prevent the coming economic collapse. In fact, I stated frequently that Ron Paul MIGHT be able to provide a softer landing, but no more than that.

If any of the other wannabees on the Republican ballot do win, then we've four more years of Obushma to witness.

DirtCrashr said...

Anybody seen a copy of "The Protocols" around here, it was in the For-Sale bin?

LMWatBullRun said...

I support Ron Paul, primarily since he's the only person who seems willing to state that we as a nation cannot continue to spend money we don't have.

Anyone else is going to be Obama light.