Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Oh, for Crying! Out! Loud!

Today they're supposed to move the satellite dish and modem again, and the drama has already begun. At least this time they didn't keep me waiting.

About half an hour ago I got a call from some guy who wanted to know "What's the problem you're having?" When I told him there was no problem, we needed it moved, he said, "Then why'd they write out a service ticket?" Like I'd know.

Five minutes later I got a call from some dispatcher, telling me the service guy would be late. I said don't send him on a service ticket, it's a waste of everybody's time. She said, not very convincingly, that she'd look into it.

Just now I got a call from the service guy, saying he'd be late. I said don't come at all if ... etc. He said he'd "see what he could do."

We've been trying to get this thing moved to the Lair for weeks. Maybe I should just forget the whole thing and get some semaphore flags.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Just about has to be D*** Network-

I had experience with their Cussed-tomer service a few years ago. It ended amicably with me going elsewhere.