Friday, January 27, 2012

People throw away the damndest things!

Allegedly it still works. It's a 4000-watt Trace inverter, that somebody just chucked out after an upgrade. Yeah, prices have come 'way down and all, but do you know what these things USED to cost?

I've got to do some research, since it didn't exactly come with a manual. But if I can get it online in the Lair it'll replace the inadequate 1500-watt RV inverter I'm using now, and also allow me to mount my old inverter in the Jeep as a sort-of backup power supply.

Whadaya think of me now, huh? Huh?


Claire said...

I'm impressed, Joel! And envious as always of your scrounging skills.

So ... where and how did you get it???

Brass said...


That's for him to know, and for you to not look under your RV's power panel. :)

LibertyNews said...

Nice! Trace used to be the top name in inverters. I'm not sure what happened to them, but a company named xantrex comes up in my searches.

Joel said...

S kindly brought it up on the off-chance that I could put it to use. He got it from a solar-power installation/upgrade he's been working on for a customer. So technically it's a product of HIS scrounging skills, and not my own. :)

gooch said...

I am embarrassed to admit that my ONLY "inverter find" is a 750 W (1500W Peak) Vector designed to be mounted inside the engine compartment of "Your favorite vehicle".

As payment of a debt I didn't really "find" it but Hey who's complaining?

Nice score Joel. {thumbs up}

Joel said...

Gooch, I dunno what the hell it is about your comments Blogger doesn't approve of, but yours routinely get sent to the spam locker. Sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

If you have the Trace/Xantrex model number(something like
SW4024), you should be able to find the manual online either in PDF or for a small fee. If it is a SW4024, I think we still have an extra that I could send you. Or I could copy ours and send it. K

Joel said...

The inverter turns out to be a RV3012, which is actually designed for use in RVs. Leading to some question as to what it was doing on a job S was working on, but who am I to judge.

Either way, Zantrax has a downloadable manual, which I have accordingly downloaded. Installation isn't going to a minor matter, though, and so likely it'll be part of the larger upgrade - I've got a big solar panel that needs to be mounted on the roof, and at this point I really truly do need to get to work on a powershed since I certainly can't leave all this stuff out in the rain and snow.