Thursday, January 19, 2012

QoD: "Speaking Truth to Power" Edition...

Pro Libertate:
Although Rick Santorum’s politics are detestable, he is a robustly decent husband and father. That certainly isn't true of the human pustule called Newt Gingrich. Although sharply different in terms of their personal deportment, Santorum and Gingrich share a totalitarian worldview: They assume that while nobody is virtuous enough to govern himself, they belong to a consecrated caste that is holy enough to rule over others.


Anonymous said...

No one knows what Newt Gingrich did or didn't do in his marriage or what his wife did or didn't do. All we have is statements from his ex-wife which by definition is probably lies and exxagarations. The very fact that this women is doing what she is doing implies she is probably mentally ill, I'm speculating bi-polar. So in my opinion this entire "affair" has indeed lowered my respect for Newt but not for the reasons you post but simply that he had an incredibly bad choice in partners. He married a looney tunes.

MamaLiberty said...

Don't know about you, but none of them - regardless of how pure or good - is qualified or welcome to control MY life.

The saint is no more qualified than the worst monster.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -- "The very fact that this woman is doing what she is doing implies she is probably mentally ill, I'm speculating bi-polar."

Care to back that statement with facts?

I agree that bitter statements by ex-spouses are to be taken with a large shake of salt, but you appear to be making a huge leap by saying that a political wife who speaks out against a political ex-husband is automatically a "looney tunes."

Joel said...

Jeez, I'm sorry I even quoted that part of the paragraph.

Could you guys read down a bit?

And as for "All we have is statements from his ex-wife which by definition is probably lies and exxagarations," you'd have to make that "ex-wives" since I gather wife #1 isn't his biggest fan, either. Which still isn't what the quote was about.

Anonymous said...

His exwife made a statement over a year ago that "she could destory his presidential candidacy with a single interview". She LEFT HIM! She moved out and they lived in seperate homes for six years. Six years!! Then they got back together for a couple of years and their marriage broke up. SO how do we decide whose fault it was?

She gave a "tell all" interview over 10 years ago but never mentioned the "open marriage" claim. Hmmmmm!

As for Newt being married 3 times, who cares? Why would you or I care? As for his 1st wife saying bad things about him I can only say; DUH!

This woman seeks the spotlight and wants to destroy her ex after a 12 year old divorce. Do you really think she is "normal"??? Is this what "normal" people do? more then 10% of the population are bi-polar. It manifests itself in many ways and isn't consistently severe in everyone that suffers from it. Her actions appear bi-polar. More then likely you have a bi-polar rleative, friend, ex-lover. You may or may not have identified it at the time or even afterwards. They typically can appear normal (usually when things are going well (going their way) and usual regress under stress. It is easy to choose to believe "it was just the stress" that caused them to act out. Most people who commit suicide are bi-polar. Most if not all famous successful artists (painting, music, etc.) were/are bi-polar. It isn't necessarily all negative.

Joel said...

Oh, dear god.

Therapy, dude. Quickly.

Anonymous said...

Yup. I'd say Anon #1 has some "issues" of his own.

Still, thanks as always for the link, Joel.

Kevin Wilmeth said...

And here I figured I'd just take the chance to observe how much more depressing life would be without Grigg's glorious gift of seething contempt for just the sort of people who most deserve it. :-)

Brass said...

Mama Liberty,

Tolkien agrees with you, too.

"Anyway, the proper study of man is anything but man; and the most improper job of any man, even saints (who at any rate were at least unwilling to take it on), is bossing other men. Not one in a million is fit for it, and least of all those who seek the opportunity."