Sunday, February 26, 2012


Yeah, I'm a wuss. So?

Day before yesterday the thing that has given me such comfort all winter long tried to destroy everything I own. Now I look at it like it's some threatening menace, crouched in its corner and waiting to attack me.

Some might recall that this hasn't been a good winter for me, fire-wise. I'll get over it - I think. I did before. Intellectually, I'm aware that the cause of Friday's fire has been fixed and there's no further danger. Emotionally, this brings no comfort. It's still there - waiting.

I want spring now.


Woody said...

Joel, I know the feeling. I once came out on the losing end of an argument with a table saw. It was a couple of months before I could bring myself to use it again. That probably isn't an option for you, being winter and all, so best of luck.

Big Wooly said...

Get back on the horse, Joel. You'll be ok. I lost a house and almost everything else to a chimney fire, a long time ago. Since then I've had woodstoves and eventually rented an old farmhouse that had a woodstove and a fireplace as the only heat source. Awareness is the key, just as it is in all things. Now that you are aware of what could happen, you'll never let it happen again.