Sunday, February 26, 2012

Context is important. Especially when you want to push other people around.

Remember when one state after another started issuing CCW permits? And the hoplophobes tried to get readers to smear their shorts with breathless predictions of blood in the street? Sure you do.

As one (western, anyway) state after another now revisits "permitting" "citizens" to carry openly, those same discredited predictions are getting dusted off for a new generation. With an added dollop of "it's just ... so ... SCARY ..."
“Simply seeing someone carrying a handgun, rifle or shotgun can cause fear among the unarmed,” McEntee asserts as an unqualified universal truism. “If I were to see someone with a .45 strapped to his hip, I’d have no idea who that person is and what his intentions are and would get out of there quick.”
Well, of course that's your choice, Ma'am. I don't see anybody stopping you.

Or you could consider taking a deep, cleansing breath and visiting places where such things aren't so rare as to evoke panic on sight. Just to see if there really is anything to get worked up over before you start trying to pass laws telling other people what they can and can't carry on their belts. Context is important, when making important decisions. Even when you plan to make them for other people who haven't asked for the help.

Or, finally, you can do what you clearly intend: succumb to fear, and start trying to intimidate the people who frighten you - using the cops, of course, because you'd never dream of being so unmutual as to do it yourself.


Tam said...

Wait, are there a lot of western states that mandate concealment? I thought that was just Texas?

I've lived in Georgia, Tennessee, and now Indiana, where, unlike the hairy-chested west, they don't care if your gun is covered up or not. ;)

Joel said...

If I have inadvertently maligned any hairy-chested eastern states, I sit humbly corrected. :P

JOe in Reno said...

Did you just call Tam "hairy chested"??!


MamaLiberty said...

Tam, you really do need to visit us out west.

No hairy chests required to carry a gun here... concealed or otherwise.

Wyoming is a bit cool now, but it will be gorgeous in a month or so. :)

Tam said...


"Tam, you really do need to visit us out west."

What, again? ;)

Prob'ly not until October. I reckon that will turn into a yearly jaunt.

(Although I do find myself pining for Brewster Co. TX about once a week...)