Friday, February 3, 2012

Elder Gods loosed in Antarctic - Russian Scientists killed and eaten, though not necessarily in that order - Women and minorities hardest hit.

Well, maybe not. But it is kinda creepy.


Anonymous said...

Well, now we know why it is such a bitch you find kerosene. The damn Russians are pouring it into a goddamn hole in Antarctica.

So if I find myself playing chess with Kurt Russell in an icy place and a random malamute suddenly shows up with an irate Russian bearing an assault rifle and tossing phosphorus grenades I should just go right ahead and BBQ the mutt with the flame thrower I always take to the Arctic?


Matt said...

Why would a lake, 13,000 feet below an ice cap, in one of the two coldest regions of the world, not be frozen?

Maybe, they hit the water, dropped in a fishing line and are having to much fun to answer the phone?

There has got to be better things for scientists, even Russian ones to do with their time and moeny.

Joel said...

Buck - Yes.

Matt - History shows us that Russians never seem to find anything more constructive to do than stand around in really cold places. It's when they try other activities that matters get tragic. Possibly these scientists went in for politics, and now they've all been purged.

Actually, now that I think about it, Cthulu is the more cheerful alternative.