Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hey, who told winter it could intrude?

I've been having this idyllic non-winter, when suddenly...

Y'know, rain is okay and snow is okay, but sleet is just half-hearted snow. And sleet, interspersed with rain, is what I got all morning yesterday. Yeesh. Finally, in the afternoon, it settled down to some serious wind-driven snow which is somehow not nearly as objectionable. It never really got very cold. It was just gray and wet and miserable, like the desert isn't supposed to be.

And by nightfall it was getting me down. Well, that and the fact that I spent most of the day reading The Source, by James Michener. Easily the most depressing book I've ever read, and I've read the screenplay to Stalingrad. Every evil the Jews ever brought on themselves or suffered from others, all distilled in the history of one fictional archaeological dig. Yeah, great choice there, Joel.

So come the evening, I made cookies. Hell, even I can do that.
And I felt better. Fatter, anyway.

Then! Ha! Just as the sun went down, the dark heavy clouds that had oppressed the day all day long suddenly parted like a curtain. Just in time for the nighttime temperatures to crash. Hat trick, Uncle Murphy! Mazel Tov!

So this morning there is literally not one single cloud to be seen in the sky, but hoarfrost everywhere. I ain't goin' out there.


John Venlet said...

Joel, Michener's "The Source" can be a bit of a downer, but it's one of his better works, in my opinion. I enjoy his older stuff more than his more recent works.

"The Source," "The Drifters," and "Chesapeake" are my favorite works of his.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed the book THE LONG ROAD by Slawomir Rawicz, I recommend it if you haven't read it already. His account of what the Gulag were sounded like pure bliss - NOT!

MamaLiberty said...

Those look like oatmeal cookies. The best there is... :)

Brass said...

If you want depressing, read his true account of the Hungarian uprising against the Soviets, "The Bridge At Andau.