Monday, February 13, 2012

Let the meltdown begin!

Tried something a little new this morning.

My neighbor D asked me if I wanted to come with him to the big town about fifty miles away. Truth is, even though there was nothing on my running shopping list that was all that important, I could use a break from the cabin so I gladly said yes.

Trouble was he needed to leave pretty early, and I couldn't make up my mind what to do with the boys. Normally when I have to leave them alone, I still run them up to Landlady's place and put them in Gitmo. They don't really like that, but it's what they're used to and they never give me a hassle. But I didn't feel like moving my schedule up half an hour just to deal with the boys, who really should be cool about staying home. The few times I've left them alone in the Lair for a few hours they got all soggy and hard to light about it: They're used to having Uncle Joel right there with them. This time would be at least five hours.

Good news: Nobody lost bladder control over the matter, or ate my reading chair. In fact I guess there really was no bad news. LB is refusing to leave my sight. Ghost made an immediate break for the door, apparently anxious that he'd never be able to go outdoors again in his whole life. Then when he'd dealt with that he wanted in, gave me a happy dance and wanted his ears scratched, then whined to go out again.

All in all, I guess they've decided this is home now.

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All my life I have been a cat person. But now..I love dogs so bad. I bet you were proud of them.