Thursday, February 23, 2012

Really? We Americans just WUV you!

Yes, Abby. It's outrageous. All Americans think so. Really they do.

Now sit down, drink your overpriced coffee and stop embarrassing yourself.

H/T to Thirdpower.


KurtP said...

I wonder if Abby has kids, and if she does- does she let her girls listen to gangster (or any other kind of) rap?
Because growing up being called a beotch as a way of life has so much better outcomes than to spend 5 minutes with someone who jumped through the hoops to get a CHL.

Anonymous said...

What bout all those people in cars-what if some of them are mentally ill and severely dangerous? I'll bet Starbucks parking lot is full of 'em.

Anonymous said...

What makes twits like this think their rotten kids are "sweet". My experience is that most peoples kids ned to be caged. Some peoples caged kids subsequently ned to be tossed into a river.
I'd rather be sitting next to a random stranger than just about any of the brats I have ever met who's parents seem to bestow upon the the deified notion that the shrieking fetid snot factories are sweet.


Anonymous said...

I swear I put two e's in both misspelled "need".
Damn.... getting old, bitter and illiterate.


LJH said...

I was going to say "ignorant twit" but really, this broad falls squarely into "dumb bitch" territory.

Anonymous said...

Abby is sick. I believe she is mentally ill and possibly severely dangerous.

Anonymous said...

With any luck, Abby and her ilk will stay home with their rug rats.

Rachel Ailin said...

I want to know why she thinks a coffee house is an appropriate place to hang out with her kids in the first place.