Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Up to our collective ass in stray dogs!

So yesterday I got a call from my neighbor H. "Do you know where your dogs are?"

As it happened, I did. "Oh, wait," she said. "Doesn't matter: You don't have any females, do you?"

No, I don't. It seems another neighbor, let's call him A, found a stray dog on his property and this one was in terrible condition. It looks like she got a hind leg caught in a kill trap. She was a sweetheart, obviously very trusting of people, and just looking for help.

Fortunately she came to the right place for that. The A's are great folks, very religious, very nice. I've only met them a few times, but they're all right. Anyway, they rushed the dog to a vet (Another thing about the A's, they can afford to do things like that) and the bad news is that the dog needed the leg amputated. The good news is that she now has a safe place to live.

The current guess is that this rash of stray dogs is originating from a notorious puppy mill a few miles away. People have tried to get this guy to shut down or go away for years. I don't know that he's the culprit, but I've never heard a pleasant story about his operation. Hell, I'd run away too.

And who's using kill traps?

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