Thursday, February 16, 2012

Y'know, when people first started talking about this thing called the "world wide web..." was most frequently in the context of denouncing it for the ease with which it brought this other thing called "porn" into the household.

Naturally, I just had to try some of that. But I must have been going to the wrong places on the "web," because what I found was mostly advertisements for porn. There were plenty of those.

I can only conclude that there are still lots of people out there like me. Looking over TUAK's stats, by far the most-viewed post in the blog's history is this one. By FAR. In a million years, you'll never guess the search term that brings people there.

Or maybe you will, but I'll give you a hint anyway. It has nothing to do with cats or firearms. :P

1 comment:

The Grey Lady said...

My biggest hits are from the search words enema and disempact..ewwwwwww