Sunday, March 4, 2012

Change comes to TUAK

Blogger may soon go the way of Netscape, if even such undemanding users as myself find it inadequate. Yes I know it's free, and I don't ask much of those who give me stuff free. But it surely is not without profit to Google or they wouldn't provide it. So why do they allow their soon-no-longer-dominant product to suffer under the kind of elementary and everyday-annoying bugs as have crept in?

I dunno, and don't consider it my problem. At my time and position of life, the days are too short for much indulgence in computer-related learning curves, but I can and soon will take refuge in that most golden of phrases, "I have a friend who..."

So: I have a friend who has forgotten more about web hosting than I ever even read about. In the near future that friend will help me move TUAK to its own domain, which will contain no place for Blogger and its many pesky, unsanitary bugs.

I can't say just when that will be, because my friend is gainfully employed and has - of course - other pursuits of her own which will quite reasonably take precedence over mine. But I have been promised that it will happen, and this lady has yet to fail to keep a promise.

So don't hold your breath, but do look for improvements and a new home for TUAK in the fairly near future.


Jac said...

Hey Joel,
If you haven't already got the server space lined up, I've got a hosting account with unlimited capacity; I'd be happy to donate some space if you've got the domain name, since I use a teeny fraction of 'unlimited'.

Since I said I'd be happy to help keep TUAK running, and haven't actually done anything about it yet (turns out babies take a lot of time and money)...

Joel said...

Thanks, Jac. But I think it's handled.

MamaLiberty said...

Now, if someone will just make the same offer to David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh... I'd love to get all of my favorite people away from blogspot.