Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Not sure why, but this makes me sad.

Encyclopedia Britannica has printed its last set.

It's like the day I heard Orson Wells died. I was never even much of a fan, but still felt like something important had gone away without notice.


Anonymous said...

That is kind of a bummer. This internet thing is fragile. When the lights go out we can still open a book in the daytime.


Anonymous said...

Money was tight, but my parents somehow managed to buy a set.

I remember sitting down and reading it........I love the feel of books. Internet ain't the same.

I agree, Joel. It was an old friend. None of the other encyclopedias were anywhere near as good.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Me and my Grandpa would watch TV when I was a kid and something would come up which we didn't know about. The first thing he'd say is "Let's go look it up", and we'd grab appropriate encyclopedia volume. I can still remember the smell of those books...

Joel, just a suggestion. Google has seen fit to completely screw Blogger up (something they're exceedingly good at) and now we can't follow comments anymore. The pop-up comment box like you have no longer has the "click to subscribe" option. Neither does the "new interface" same page comment section.

Many folks have quit commenting on Blogger blogs with the new interface because they can't follow the conversation, myself included. Too much trouble with my limited time to go reload every blog I commented on (even if I could keep track of them all) to look for new comments/responses.

It's your blog, do whatever you want. But it would be much better for those who comment if you'd ditch the pop up comment page and go back to the old Blogger interface...

MamaLiberty said...

Yeah, that's too bad. Can't imagine what a set of Britannica would cost now.

We had a set of "World Book" encyclopedias I bought at a garage sale when my sons were small. We literally wore them out before the boys were done with high school.

Joel said...

I did that, Craig. I did it right off, and for the reason you state.

Then I had to change it right back, when I got emails from people who couldn't comment at all.

Blogger just sucks lately. Hopefully soon I'll be migrating elsewhere.