Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Oh, stop blaming Obama.

The first time I ever got on an airliner, I was going to spend the summer with my older brother. No way I was going without my most prized possession:

Yeah, it was a piece of crap. But it was MY piece of crap and I loved it.
And it wasn't riding in the baggage compartment, either. I brought it right on the plane with me.

Wanna know what happened? A stew smiled and asked if she could put that in a closet for me.

Yeah, I'm a little nostalgic about that.

But that was then. Now, I'd probably have been proned in the parking lot and carried off to God knows where.

Obama didn't do that. Oh, he loves it and he's made it worse. But he didn't do it.

For the rest of the year, we're going to hear weeping and wailing, gnashing of teeth and tearing of hair over the impending second term of the Big O. The GOP has done it again and will soon nominate the latest shitpoke whose "turn" it is...

Mitt the Wonder Romney!
His hair alone can conquer galaxies, and I'm pretty sure Marie Osmond is going to want her teeth back after the election. But Obama will probably bury him. The incumbent usually does, unless the opposition gives voters a better reason not than wonder-boy here. And even if he wins, so what? You think Mitt (RomneyCare) Romney will really keep his empty promise to repeal ObamaCare? Right. Right after Reagan disbands the DOE. No, you'll spend your time more effectively looking for a GP who takes cash under the table. When OCare kicks in, they won't be rare. Doctors gotta eat, too.

See, the most amusing thing about Obama is that his first-term slogan,
is largely correct.

HERESY! I hear the conservatives screech. TO THE STAKE WITH THE UNBELIEVER!

Really? Name one original thing - other than OCare, which I concede - that Obama has done to take your freedom away. No, I said original.

NDAA? Tell it to Jose Padillo.
Signing statements? He's got a long way to go to beat Bush's record there.
Executive orders? C'mon.
"Free Speech Zones?" Again, Bush.
Didn't close Gitmo? Who opened it?
Drone wars? Bush.
"Economic Stimulus?" TARP.
Eric Holder? John Ashcroft.

Have things gotten worse under Obama? Sure they have. I'm not here to praise Obama. If Mitt Romney's Hair wins the election, things will get even worse under him. Just like when Dubya replaced Clinton - Surprise! - things got worse.

Actually, back then they got much worse. And he was the one who was going to save us from Gore, who was billed as nothing more than Clinton Jr.

Now I'm listening to radio gasbags losing sphincter control over Obama's gaffe with the live mike in Russia. Did he really say anything you didn't know? Presidents always go nuts in their second terms. Politicians love it when they don't have to run for office anymore. It means they can stop lying for a while and just express their inner psychopath.

It's not the president. It's not the president's party affiliation. IT NEVER MAKES ANY DIFFERENCE.

Who picks the candidates? Who votes for them, and who pretends they're important?

Look at these shitheads. Obama, Romney, Santorum, Gingrich, whoever. Is there a single one of them - Okay, Ron Paul did surprise me, I admit it, but he sure won't be the nominee - that you'd allow to watch your dogs while you're on vacation?

And one of them is about to be declared the "leader of the free world." Sheesh.

Left wing; Right wing - same stinking carrion bird in between.


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Amen, Joel. Amen.

It's hard to believe, now, that there was a time in my life that I actually looked forward to that National Public Masturbation Day event in November.


I like to think that my crankiness now is largely an internal sense of penance for those transgressions against myself and others. I'm just pissed at myself for ever, ever being that dumb. :-)

Tam said...

""Free Speech Zones?" Again, Bush."

Clinton, actually. Good thing that small-government conservative GOPer Bush put an end to that nonsense tout de suite.

The aberration of '00* taught the Repubs all the wrong lessons...

"As long as the electorate is fed up with the Dem in the WH, it doesn't matter what big-government-lovin' party apparatchik we run, as long as he makes lots of Jesus mouth-noises!"

*I'm not counting '04, since Bush didn't win that election so much as Kerry actively lost it. Bush would have gotten fewer electoral votes in '04 if the Dems had run a dressmaker's dummy...

Joel said...

Free speech zones were Clinton? I thought it was Bush.

Well, You could be right. I distinctly remember Bush being enthusiastically in favor of them.

Tam said...


Heh. Since when has any incoming administration looked in the shed and said "Huh. We don't need all these tools the previous tenants left in here. Send 'em to Goodwill, Marge"? ;)

Tam said...

(We only first started hearing about free speech zones during the Bush administration because, duh, Bush was a Republican. From where I sit, there's no difference between the two parties, except that the media's really in the tank for one of 'em.)

Anonymous said...

Hey - was the "Proned" or "droned" in the airport parking lot? That's a recent addition.

I tell you what though - Lego makers are going to want their "pop-off" hair back from Romney-man after the election.

Republicrats or Democians - one in the same.

armedlaughing said...

Guffaw in AZ

Pumice said...

I agree with your general frustration but to say that "Left wing; Right wing - same..." is like saying that dogs and cats are the same because they all have four legs and eat meat.

If the Dems had won in 2000 or 2004 we would not be wondering how the Supremes will vote on anything, it would be a lock on the UN running the country.

As often happens, the only thing that will get me to vote for someone like Romney is someone like Obama.

Grace and Peace.