Thursday, March 22, 2012

Saved by the email...

So this morning, while I was eating and getting myself bolted together I figured I'd head right out and finish that road so it'd be out of my life. Last night it was hurting me in the shoulders, this morning (and afternoon, and evening...) I could barely bend my legs. But to my surprise my back is in pretty good shape. Not looking forward to it, but let's get'r done.

Then I got an email, wanting to know where I was on my other paying project and reminding me of this little thing called a deadline. Instantly the rocks on the road got pushed back, and I don't think anybody heard me argue. That tied me to the word processor til a little after noon, and then (HA!) it was just too late in the day to head out to the mesa. So I went over to D&Ls and sanded down my beautiful new cabinet doors.

So I'm still ahead! Instead of knocking out one of the three projects hanging over my head, I got two. Of course those damned rocks are still ahead of me, but tomorrow's supposed to be an even more beautiful day than today. I'll head out there right after shit-shoveling.

Worked out well for the boys, too, as far as they're concerned. They were in Gitmo yesterday and they'll be in Gitmo tomorrow, but today they hung around the Lair for the morning and this afternoon they got to go play with D&L's dogs. Win/win!

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