Monday, March 26, 2012

Took a vacation from the internet...

Early Saturday, Landlady and M showed up at the Lair. They'd come up together on Friday night, so they appeared just as I was beginning to clean up the Lair so people wouldn't (have evidence to) know what a slob I am. Ah, well.

They brought my stuff! I have no mailing address, so sometimes I have to send stuff to Landlady's house and wait for her to bring it up when she comes.

New axe handle (work in progress)

Chimney brushes (already broken in.) In fact, my neighbor J just left from helping me fit the new section of chimney pipe that allows the whole thing to telescope enough that it no longer takes two strong men to clean it out.

A new kindling hatchet, just like the one belonging to M that I've been using all winter (so small it's useless for almost anything else, but the perfect thing for splitting kindling an inch from your fingers.)

And, for a treat, I finally get to read the Correia Monster Hunter books. (Used books on Amazon are totally the way to go here.

Saturday I made progress on the kitchen cabinet front. If I'd remembered to take my camera I'd have shown you the kitchen's beautiful new cabinet doors, which are now stained and waiting for clearcoat. When I originally made the counter and cabinets last summer I made doors from plywood, just edging them with a router. They looked terrible and I wasn't at all happy with them, but then they saved me by warping all to hell. I now have a complete set of new ones, much nicer. They'll be going up in the next couple of weeks.

Also got paid for a couple of local gigs and went to town Saturday afternoon, so now I'm still broke but the cupboards are no longer bare. So Uncle Joel's a happy hermit!

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