Monday, March 5, 2012

Wanted: Good recipe for dog.

I didn't sleep well last night.

I didn't sleep well at all.

I've got two little friends who are largely responsible for that. It was kind of a restless night anyway, and if I'd slept soundly I don't know that there would have been any problem. But every time I so much as rolled over, Ghost started whining.

Ghost whines when he wants out. Or when he wants in. Or when he just wants. He's not shy about letting his wishes be known.  On the other hand, Ghost is by far the smarter of the two dogs. He's been known to whine at me when Little Bear really, really needs to go outside. Because Little Bear just stands there and looks miserable, till he can't hold it anymore. This is not, I believe, altruism on Ghost's part. When LB needs to go outside, EVERYBODY needs him to go outside.

So I did not ignore Ghost's whining. I didn't ignore it at 10 PM. I didn't ignore it at 1:30 AM. I didn't ignore it at 3:30 AM.

On the occasion when I very grumpily came down from the loft at 3:30 and showed LB his tie-out cable, he just looked up at me from his bed as if to say, "Hey, WTF? I'm trying to sleep." LB was apparently not the cause of last night's issues.

I don't know what Ghost's problem was. But I hope he has worked it out by tonight.

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