Friday, March 23, 2012

We need more effective finger control.

Finger "gun" lands dad in jail

This is how it starts, you know. First you're pointing fingers, then your kids are drawing pictures of guns in school. Next thing you know, you're mainlining religious slogans and mowing down Frenchmen. The index finger is a gateway weapon. In the Big O's second term I expect bans.

Not saying it wasn't stupid. I'm at my stupidest when I get mad.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget he was "silently mouthing words and shaking his head". If that isn't a felony then I don't know what is! This guy is dangerous.

Seriously couldn't a smart lawyer argue that what he did was a political statement protected by the first amendment?

LJH said...

I got a finger for 'O' and his buddies. >:/

Craig Cavanaugh said...

Wow, I guess squirting them with my super soaker would warrant the death penalty. It's a mad mad mad mad mad mad world. Want a roomie? You got the right idea. I can shovel shit AND work on/operate Gulchendiggensmoothen : )