Monday, March 19, 2012


Little flashes of sunlight today, then the clouds roll in. One of these days I'm gonna need a laptop that the batteries can actually run for more than ten minutes at a time.

Snow/rain/wind/nasty yesterday, temperature steadily dropping all day. Didn't do a single useful thing. Today's worse: Winter's last gasp? Maybe, maybe not. Snowed last night, then the sky cleared and the temperature crashed. Cabin temp was in the thirties when I came down from the loft, and I think that's only the second time it did that all winter. When I went out to sweep off the porch and the solar panels, it was like dry sand. Here it is after noon, and the outdoor thermometer says the temp's barely above freezing in the shade. Seems strange after such a mild winter. At least so far today the wind isn't pushing the smoke down the chimney. So far.

I've got two paying gigs I should be working on, and the weather keeps me from both. Computer won't work long enough to work on the first, and no way I'm going up West Mesa when the snow has turned the clay and volcanic ash to snot. It's a long way down off the side of that "road."

Also got a call from my neighbor D. Seems he went ahead and finished the beautiful new doors for my kitchen cabinets, using scrap from the tongue-and-groove he and L covered their new house's ceiling with. He wants to come over next Sunday and finish the job, which means I need to get over there and sand the doors first. But power tools won't work in this weather any more than old laptops do.

Supposed to clear up in the next couple of days, though. What's left the week, when it happens, is going to be busy.

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