Monday, March 5, 2012

We're Number Six! We're Number Six!

Hey, I got a very unexpected email from my friend and yours, Claire Wolfe. It seems that, somehow, TUAK is now the #6 referring site for her blog at Backwoods Home.

That's pretty cool. I never expected this dumb little blog to be on anybody's Top Ten list, except maybe "least-read blogs of all time."  But slowly, slowly we've been getting readers. I think by now we may have surpassed Tuan Phen's Cambodian blog about what-all he had for supper*.

Thanks to all those who hold their noses and come back for more info on what we-all had for supper**.

*Yes, I made that up.

**Fresh-baked bread w/various condiments


DJLHJ said...

always start with your blog for my morning reading head connect to the rest from there its easier on my work computer and your blogroll has just about all the lings i read so your at the top in my book

Don said...

Joel, I owe you a lot. I saw Claire's blog on the BHM website, linked to yours, found all sorts of interesting blogs, and met (in meatspace) a number of very educated and talented people.

I look forward to reading your vomitus each day, keep it up.

LJH said...

I keep returning because, as much as it scares me to admit it, our minds work in much the same way. And even more terrifying, (if I had a beard and a really cool orange hat) we kinda look alike.

Shit, now I'm depressed.

Anonymous said...

Number 6 is a good number. It was the number of the prisoner.

Number 6 – “I will not make any deals with you. I've resigned. I will not be pushed, filed, stamped, indexed, briefed, debriefed or numbered. My life is my own!”

Yes I would say that the number 6 nicely sums’ up the very spirit of this blog.


Anonymous said...

So - Are you going to order one of those foamy finger things? I wonder if they come in # 6?