Friday, March 16, 2012

Would a police officer LIE? Story of an isolated incident.

William Grigg's latest:

To someone who doesn’t belong to the coercive caste, a total of 6 arrests out of 166 “total incidents” isn’t an impressive ratio. The concept of a “self-initiated significant incident” seems downright ominous. This is the portrait of a government-licensed bully bent on manufacturing cases, rather than a peace officer devoted to protection of persons and property.

Civil Asset Forfeiture may, in the fullness of time, be remembered as the worst idea the extinct "western civilization" ever dreamed up.


Judy said...

Is he/she human?

Don said...

As an aside, Guffaw moved to wordpress and has a different link. I used to link from you and wondered why I hadn't seen him around. Look at his 3-6 post for the new link.

Joel said...


Fixed. Thanks.