Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Hail, Knight of Disgusting Practices, Pt. 3

So this is the spring I'm going to give it a try.

Oh, I know it'll come to nothing. Look up "Brown Thumb" in the dictionary and I'm pretty sure my picture is still there. And even if something grows the rabbits'll probably get it, though they do seem to ignore melons.

Everything in my meadow slopes toward the wash, of course: I'm basically on a little shelf between the wash and where a couple of ridges come together. So I bermed up the downslope sides of this experimental little garden patch, where I've been dumping my woodstove ashes all winter. Now I spread the ash and a whole bunch of nice, seasoned goat manure. I've got a few bags of potting soil left over from starting the seeds, and it'll go in there as well. Spade it all in, and I'm ready to go. With the patch bermed with dirt left over from the septic pit dig, I can flood the whole thing. And I've got plenty of straw to keep the evaporation down.

So I picked up the manure yesterday after shit-shoveling, and made one leeeetle mistake. I dumped yesterday's shoveling into the Jeep's trailer, and of course that's all horse shit. Some of it still warm from the horse.  I just did it in the spirit of waste not want not, but I'd forgotten something important...

Yeah: Ghost was in there roughly six picoseconds after I turned my back, yesterday evening. And of course he unerringly found the right place to roll...

I will never understand why some dogs enjoy doing that.

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