Thursday, April 19, 2012

I suppose I could look it up, but...

...I don't want to.

Just what does "vaginalistic" mean, anyway?

And cooties? Really, Sarah?


Kevin Wilmeth said...

Aw, bless 'er 'awrt.

I think a couple of the commenters over there nailed the real story here. I, too, am happy as a clam for ol' Sarah to be rockin' the Tweets like that; she makes the case against herself better than any of us could hope to.

Claire said...

Has anybody here verified that that's the real Sarah Brady? The notorious one? Someone in the OP's original comment section says the account has been verified as hers and that looks like her picture. But ... I don't think so.

According to SB's bio at the Brady Center, she lives in Delaware. This woman -- if it's actually a woman -- claims to be from Virginia.

The real SB is surrounded by PR handlers and is used to speaking in public; never would she be allowed to say some of the stuff in those tweets.

I did a couple of searches and can't find any verification. If it's the real SB, she's definitely gone 'round the bend.

Anonymous said...

Vaginalistic is the opposite of dicklicktic. I am immensely grateful, as is my amazingly beautiful and eternally tolerant bride, that I was blessed with vaginalistic genes rather than the dicklicktic kind.