Monday, April 9, 2012

Is today a "day of action?" Not holding my breath, but whatever.

Aw, Jeez. Bring it on, Huey Newton.

Slightly NSFW, completely full of shit:

Went through this bullshit back in the sixties, in Detroit. These two haven't even filed the serial numbers off the old rhetoric.

It makes me very tired.

"I'm talkin' about that blonde haired, blue eyed, sometimes brown eyed Caucasian walkin' around with a mindset, a demonistic mind and the nature to do evil and brutality." Yeah, no racism there.

Look, brutha. May I call you brutha? Because seriously, I almost feel I know you. Your bullshit is so very familiar. You want a race war? How about we do this: How about we fence off a few thousand acres of useless fed land. You NBP guys can enter on one side, with your guns and your artillery and your canned peas. On the other side, we can have any Aryan Nation limpdicks that want to play. Then you guys can have your little race war, and the winner gets to wear a solid-gold colander on his face and rule the wasteland. Won't that be cool?

That way the rest of us can just get on with our day.

UPDATE: Damn, YouTube make video go bye-bye. Oh, well.


Anonymous said...

Somehow I can't get the image of little yapping chihuahuas out of my mind.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

They do want a race war. So let's not give it to them. Ignoring them will piss them off to no end. HOWEVER, when they start shooting I do plan to shoot back with a vengeance...

Anonymous said...

I hope they are stocking up on the Olde English 800 malt liquor and MD 20/20 or some Night Train. Let's not forget the Kools. Cuz it's gonna be a long siege.
Wait...was that racist?
So a minute fraction of about 13% of the total population is gonna burn us out? Speaking of burning I heard the twit remark that something wouldn't happen in L.A. because "they" would riot. Ok, so "they" self gentrify their own neighborhoods by fire and this accomplishes......what again?


Anonymous said...

This is the Obama re-election campaign. He intends to divide and conquer. The women, the blacks and wait for it and see how he works it with the Hispanics. Between racial groups the dems will get all worked up and all the rest of the freloaders who just want free stuff Obama expects to get enough votes to be president for four more years. I gotta tell you... I think he can pull it off. By silver, food, guns and ammo.

GTAJMACK said...

AMEN , the storm front assholes and black panthers would do the whole world a favor by ganking each other.

Anonymous said...

You Tube made that go *poof*

Anonymous said...

Censorship, no matter how altruistic it's goals, remains censorship-

Youtube is making decisions on your behalf because you are not sophisticated enough to understand.

Anonymous said...

Ah-h-h ... the good old days:

Black bus drivers from Pontiac driving white Natl Guardsmen down to the black riots in Detroit.

Tanks on Woodward; Rat Patrol jeeps.
Burn the 'hood; shoot at firemen.

Rename 12th St to celebrate.

How could anyone not want a repeat?