Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I've found something nice to say about Obama.

So Mitt the Wonder Romney is going to give a speech at the NRA convention, it says here. Well, they deserve each other.
“we have all the laws we need” in regard to gun control

“I believe in the second amendment, I’ll protect the second amendment. I have guns myself.”

“Not going to tell you where they are. Don’t have them on myself either, all right,”
I'm convinced. All that talk about supporting the AWB was just etch-a-sketch pandering to the left.
“I’m not going to describe all of my great exploits. But I went moose hunting actually. Not moose hunting, I’m sorry, elk hunting with friends in Montana. I’ve been pheasant hunting.”
Mitt Romney: Missing the point, and doing it badly.

Y'know what? There really is one good thing you can say about Obama. It's not very good, you understand, and he mostly lies about it. But at least I know what he believes in.

I wish he didn't believe it, and I sure as hell wish he didn't have the power to do anything about what he believes. But at least I know what he believes.

All I know about Romney's core beliefs is "Romney for President." Good enough, this is not.


Kevin said...

I cannot disagree with your assessment, but I think Robb has the right of it.

Tam said...

I don't mind an approval-craving amoral egotist with no higher purpose than enjoying the Presidency living in the White House so long as he's easily steered by opinion polls and congress is hostile to him.

cf. the last three-quarters of the Clinton presidency.

Once we got the House turned against him and he started triangulatin', everything was pretty tranquilo for us little people while the Congressional Dog and the Executive Cat were too busy going after each other to bother us much.

I never thought I'd say this at the time, but '95-'00 were some salad days...

Joel said...

Yeah, it doesn't trip lightly off the tongue, does it? I've had the same moments, and it's a pretty damned poor commentary on the trajectory of American politics that the Clinton admin is starting to look like the "good old days."