Friday, April 6, 2012

Returning borrowed things...

Last fall I was looking for something in Landlady's barn, and came upon these brackets somebody had tossed in a corner. And at first I couldn't quite figure out what they were. Took a minute or two before I realized I was looking at the expensive parts of a stovewood rack. Just add 2X4s.

Well, I used them all through the winter but they didn't belong to me. Landlady's got her woodstove in and working now, and I've been delivering stovewood for it but it was about to get out of control. So it was time to move that useful puppy back where it belongs.

I'm working on something a little larger and more elaborate for the Lair. That little rack is fine for a working supply, but it's not up to storing more substantial supplies. This winter I mostly cut wood as I needed it, never remaining much more than a week ahead. That worked through this mild winter, but it's pretty poor practice as a rule.

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