Tuesday, April 10, 2012

A sign of the season

It's been a couple of weeks since water froze here overnight. Afternoons have been positively hot. The boys are seeking shelter under the Lair. Clearly it's time to put up their automatic waterer.

If it seems a little, um, chewed, that's because it's a veteran of the time J&H tried their hand at keeping goats. But it still works just fine.

If TUAK stops being updated starting tomorrow, it's because of the ice age I just inadvertently caused. Sorry about that.



I am a national catastrophe claims adjuster and this entry made me chuckle. On April 2, I was in a meeting and said something very stupid. "I believe the weather is gong to be normal for a little while". There was a collective gasp in the meeting and then all hell broke loose here in TX the next day. Well that'll learn us.

MamaLiberty said...

LOL!!! How funny. But so true. I remember new nurses saying something like, "It's sure a nice quiet night tonight," and soon afterwards we'd have three ambulances and six unexpected admits.