Saturday, April 14, 2012

That's disconcerting.

Cold, cloudy and windy today. It snowed this morning and I pretty much expect it to snow tonight. Landlady came up to visit her property, unloaded, loaded, and headed right back to the city: Who gave it permission to still be winter?

As she often does, she brought goodies including my very favorite coffee in the whole world, Trader Joe's House Blend. So after she headed back I got to the Lair, ground up some coffee and set it to brew, and then mixed in some cocoa and sugar. And I was sittin' in my sittin' chair in my bitsy cabin down in a holler a skillion miles from the grid, listenin' to the wind and watching it push smoke out through the front door of my woodstove, and sipping mocha when it hit me: I'm such a yuppie!

So I went outside naked and brained an elk with a rock. Me not yuppie.


Jim said...


MamaLiberty said...

Yeah... I figured it out years ago. You can't win. :)

Did finally rain some here. Not nearly enough, but we'll take anything we can get at this point. sigh

Glad you are too far west to be in the tornado belt this weekend.