Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The truth has to speak itself.

From Velociman:
At an even greater level, however, this is a huge civil service problem. Moreso, it is a socialist state model problem. Once the civil servants began earning more than their private industry counterparts they ceased to become our servants, and became our bureaucratic taskmasters. Especially given their immunity from consequences, and the ability to embezzle and otherwise convert huge sums of monies. If you steal a million dollars from your company you will be caught. If you steal it from a nonsensical federal government agency you will eventually be caught by an agent of another nonsensical federal government agency, who will split the profits with you.

Citizens by and large have forgotten that a civil servant is nothing more than a fucking retard we have obliged with a wage-earning status so as not to have to support them on the dole. Once they achieve a status greater than driving a metro bus they should be foisted back upon the real world, there to fend for themselves. Or given jobs in the penal system, where they can provide a public service and teach inmates nonviolent criminal activities.

If the Secret Service is this corrupted our federal government as a whole is naught but a cyst upon the body politic in need of a lancing. Which we knew anyway. Hell, the vaunted Secret Service turns out to be about the same type of screwhead loser you find in the BATF and the Forest Service.
This is the best thing that can happen, and I hope it shows up a lot more.

As far as I can tell, there are three kinds of people:

- People who think this is the best of all possible places in the best of all possible worlds, and thank you God for the blessings of government

- People who think the government would be fine, just fine, as long as it "reforms" itself

- Me

I, of course, am completely, totally, and in every other way correct in everything I think, say and do. So my position, being correct, requires no deconstruction. Those other guys, though (shakes head sadly) ...

People who think believe nothing could ever be better than it is, because goshdarnit "I'm proud to be an American, where at least I know I'm free!" - How do they know that? The evidence is against them. But anybody can justify anything in his own mind, if he just twists the facts a little. That way he can live comfortably in the place he's in, where if he actually thought about his situation he'd get all uncomfortable and when does that get fun? So people don't think.

People who think "reform" is the answer ignore the long, impotent history of reform movements. At some point an idea that gets tried - over and over - either proves itself efficacious or ... the other thing, whatever the opposite of "efficacious" is. The notion that government is willing to, or even could, reform itself is absurd in the face of all the broken promises along those lines. But sure! Go right ahead. Reform some more. I love the smell of betrayal in the morning. But I won't be fooled by it.

So I do confess, when I heard about that Secret Service detail getting caught in a Marion Berry-esque situation, and that GSA thing that's still unfolding, I laughed out loud. I loved it. There is no better way for the truth about the inherent corruption of government agencies - any government agency - to come out than for the agencies themselves to reveal it.

Now if only people were watching.


Anonymous said...

I have for sometime now believed that government employees should not be paid more then the taxpayers who pay their salary. There is an incestuous relationship between government workers and those who determine their salary. This is why simply paper pushers are paid $110,000 a year and retire in luxury. My choice would be that no elected or hired government employee could make more then the average income. Lets say the average is $37,000 nationwide so the highest pay for any federal elected or employed individual would be $37,000. I'm sure this would be a problem with many "specialties" but I have a solution for that as well. If you actually need to hire a doctor or lawyer or computer geek or whatever then you contract them at the going rate. In effect this means you could indeed pay someone to work for the federal government making more then $37,000 but they would not be employees and they could even be part time. No one I know hires lawyers full time for life.

Craig Cavanaugh said...

If only people were watching...

The problem is that many are watching. But they just shrug their shoulders, say "what can I do about it?", and keep plodding on with their yoke over their shoulders. They're fine in their apathy, so long as the air conditioner comes on when they flip the switch, and their favorite show comes on the boob toob. Even those who are totally "awake" do nothing, and remain in the system that is grinding them to a pulp, because of fear. Fear of losing their "stuff", of how to get by outside the system, of actually having to work for a living...

MamaLiberty said...


How did you propose to pay all those people without theft?

The problem isn't how much they are paid... The real problem is where the payment comes from.

Those who wish to hire any kind of "servant" are free to pay them whatever they wish. They should not be free to rob others in order to do so...