Friday, April 27, 2012

Winter is no longer welcome.

So yesterday afternoon I got a call from my weekender neighbor L, who phoned to tell me Ghost was over at her house. This being Thursday, it came as more of a surprise than usual. Ghost often spends weekends with them, because ... well, sausage, that's why. He always seems happy to see me again.

Anyway, for some reason that made it seem like a good time to go over to Landlady's house and watch a movie. She's got this big hard drive full of entertainment, which she offered to lend me but I can't run my 'pooter at night right now. Ghost will put up with LL's house for about an hour, then starts with the in/out whine. It's annoying. But Little Bear doesn't mind joining me, and about halfway through this movie I noticed that it was raining. It had been sunny when we started, but this is the season of unpredictable weather. Anyway, we went back to the Lair well before sundown, and it was already cold. On Wednesday the temps were pushing ninety, but yesterday after the rain it was in the mid-fifties. Got home just in time for more rain.

Woke up this morning, 33o. Barely fifty indoors. I could have started a fire, but I just got that whole area cleaned up inside and out. So like an idiot I spent almost five hours bundled up indoors like frickin' Nanook of the frickin' North, waiting for the sun to heat the Lair.

Yeah, I used to do it all the time, but that was when propane cost money and putting on layers didn't. I've got plenty of firewood that doesn't cost me anything but chainsaw maintenance and labor. Just lazy, I guess. One thing I hadn't appreciated about heating with wood is what a mess it makes, and I'm tired of dealing with it for now.

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MamaLiberty said...

I hear you... sigh

Just got my stove and surrounding area all clean and the firewood stacked outside myself.

Took a chance on planting my tomatoes a bit earlier than usual since the days have been in he 80s and nights seldom below 40.

Today, of course... it is snowing.