Monday, May 14, 2012

One of those days...

I wanted to get my digging out of the way fairly early today, since it's been warming up pretty good. So I put the boys into Gitmo early and dumped a few buckets into the trench behind M's Dome before shit-shoveling.

I'm aware that my previous attempts to describe the issues I've been having with this haven't exactly been masterpieces of clarity, so here's something worth a thousand words.

Yeah, it's kind of a tight fit. But we're making progress. BTW the top of the dome is twelve feet high, which should give you some notion as to scale. It has taken a lot of dirt, and will take a very great deal more.

Anyway, Since the tractor was all warmed up, I left the Jeep at M's place and drove the tractor to J&H's for shit-shoveling. Now and then I take it over there so I can pile the manure higher.

When I arrived, H was at the gate. Normally I park outside, but she obligingly opened the gate for me so I drove right into their plaza. That was my first mistake.

The current manure pile is right outside the fence. So when I was done with shit-shoveling I fired up Gulchendiggensmoothen, drove out the gate and turned right. This was my second and terminal mistake.

The tractor was well outside the gate, but nevertheless there was a heart-stopping crunch that seemed to go on for a very long time. The backhoe had tangled up in the gatepost.

There wasn't much damage. To the backhoe. The gate was bent in a couple of places and the post was totaled.

Sigh. Yeah, J was a little upset with me.

So I went home, got the Jeep and some tools, and headed right back. An hour and a half of digging in the sun later...

Private to Landlady: I owe you two bags of concrete.

Tomorrow morning I have to go back and help J re-set the gate.

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