Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sigh. How did these people ever win the war?

I like coffee. If I want a cup of milk and sugar, I won't waste good coffee in it.

Cocoa, now - that's different.


Stephen said...

Gag...I agree. What a waste of coffee.

KurtP said...

They didn't win the war.
The Democrats won it for them.

Anonymous said...

Dude....that's HOW they won. This is like those nasty red bull monster tweaker drinks people here suck down when they can't get or don't have the balls to use speed.
Think about it, that's a sugar and caffeine bomb.
You'd shoot the little bastards and they wouldn't know to stop fighting 'til the rush wore off.

Actually, that's not so bad. It's kind of like a dessert to me. The Malay have a similar drink but made with tea. Te Tarik.

That music was made of awesome. I'll have to download that. It irritated the piss out of my wife.


Joe Falcone said...

ACtually it's rather good, especially freshly ground.

As to how they won, it was their home (see American Revolution for home team advantage) before US, it was the French, while France was making them a Colony and lost to Nazi Germany in WW2, it became the Japanese property (who caused several million deaths from starvation and did not suffer one war crime, but I digress), before them it was the Chinese.

Surprised evolution didn't have them come out the womb with a combat knife.

That an US Military stupidity, ignorance, and supporting a facist dictator that noone cared for. Did I mention the US has never pulled off Imperial occuptation with any success since Hawaii?

Did I miss anything?