Thursday, May 10, 2012

The Stupid! It...Costs a Lot of Money!

Saw this over at Uncle's, and thought maybe it was a joke. I swear that's the only reason I clicked.

Look, if you want to hang three kinds of optic, four different flashlights and a chandelier from your AR, I'm not the guy who's going to stop you. Also, save your pennies because you really need one of these.

As for me and my house:

It's just a carbine, okay? It's supposed to be light and handy and shoot bullets. How much gingerbread really improves it?


Anonymous said...

While I would not be hanging all manner of crap from any of my rifles, as I get older and my eyes loose some of their never awesome powers I find I may need a bit of optical assistance.
However bipods, lasers, multiple silly ass rails....... ehh....not so much.
That said, I was scoring minute of propane tank at 150 + yards with both my Mosin and PTR 91 on open sights last weekend.


Stephen said...

Amen. Simple gets the job done...

Carl-Bear said...

Dear... Bog...

I do not, at this time, own a firearm that costs $650. An accessory?!

Many years, at a Perry, GA gun show, a vendor set out an AR with every possible (or so I and my associates thought) accessory hooked on to it. The vendor did it as a joke, because it was so ridiculous it did get people to stop and look at what he had on the table.

NOTE: He did it to be deliberately ridiculous.

Now people are doing for real, and think it's a good idea.

People: the thinking behind the "assault rifle" was to make it possible to haul around more ammunition, not... accessories.

(Disclosure: I did put a peep sight on my WASR. I also put a scope on it because my eyes are 51 years old, but I took it off when I decided it didn't add enough function to bother with.)

Tam said...

A dot sight makes it easier to hit the target.

A light makes sure it's the right target. (I cannot see in the dark and tend to have quaint notions about "being sure of my target and what is beyond it." Plus Indianapolis is not a Free Fire Zone; hitting no-shoots is frowned upon.)

Joel said...

Oh, please don't get me wrong. I plan to mount a flashlight sometime, for just the reason you say. There are times I've forgone a shot because the dogs were out there somewhere but I couldn't see them. And my ol' failing eyes would appreciate some sort of optic.

But eight rails? Really? That rotate so you can bring up just the right sight, or the foregrip, or the bipod, or the laser rather than the flash or maybe it's just the moment to play Liberace? C'mon.

Tam said...

Oh, that handguard is teh ghey, don't get me wrong. :)

I kinda like these new tubular handguards that allow you to mount a small chunk of rail to hold your light, and another for the VFG or bipod or whatever other gadget (mission drives the gear train!) you need, without having to have the whole gun be a rail farm.

DonkeyBuster said...

Ratz, just clicked the link & the Liberace piece is gone. I am not having a good day here. I coulda used a serious moment of smug to perk me up. =0(